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HTC Spring into Blood Drive a success
posted 05/11/2017 by HTC

HTC had another successful blood drive on Wednesday, May 10.

A huge thank you goes out to everyone who rolled up their sleeves to help save lives, boost the community blood supply and ensure hospital patients have the life-saving blood they need.

The American Red Cross collected 20 units of blood, which will help save up to 60 lives in Horry County. Each unit collected has the power to save as many as three lives.

Together, HTC employees have donated 2,706 units since 1999, potentially saving over 8,100 lives over the past 19 years.

That is an incredible achievement and we're very thankful for our employee donors, as well as those from the community who joined us.

See more photos from the Blood Drive here.

Photos - Click for larger
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