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posted 10/10/2017 by merilynn
When: 10/10/2017 - 10/31/2017

THE PUMPKINS ARE COMING to Holy Lamb Lutheran Church at 2541 Forestbrook Road. They will be arriving in the afternoon on Saturday Oct. 14..... about 650 of them. They come in a tractor trailer all the way from New Mexico. To keep damage at a minimum the pumpkins are hand unloaded from the truck one pumpkin at a time in the style of the old fashion Fire Brigade...... Kids love to watch the pumpkins being unloaded and to help put them on the grass under the trees or place them on pallets. Pumpkins don't look it but they are a little bit delicate and should never be carried by the stems but instead should be cupped in the hands no matter what the size. This is the 9th year that the pumpkins will grace our church yard and remind us that the fall harvest is here. You are welcome to come help unload or to purchase pumpkins from our patch which will be open daily until 6pm. The proceeds of the pumpkin patch allow us to offer the community a FREE FALL FESTIVAL for kids of all ages. The Festival is being held this year on October 21 starting at 11:am. We'd love to see you there!!! Holy Lamb Lutheran Church 2541 Forestbrook Road 843-236-1344
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