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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1.        Do I have to be an HTC Internet customer to use the new HTC NetRacer as a customized home page? You are welcome to customize the new HTC NetRacer home page even if you are not an HTC Internet customer. All you have to do is go to the Welcome Guest section, click on the Sign-Up tab, complete the required fields and click on Register. Now you are ready to Customize Your Home Page. You will be sent an email providing a summary of your customized account.
2.        Do I have to provide all those details on the Sign-Up Tab to use the new home page? You can use the home page without customization simply by clicking on Make This Your Home Page near the top on the right side of the page. However, if you wish to view the page differently or make additions to it, you will need to provide the details and establish a customized account.
3.        Will I be charged for using the customized home page? This home page is a FREE service, courtesy of HTC NetRacer.
4.        How do I make this my home page? Simply click on Make This Your Home Page near the top on the right side of the page.
5.        Do I have to login each time I go to the page? Your customized page will “remember” you through the use of “cookies” if you check the Remember Me box. So, unless you clear your browser’s cookies your customized page will appear when you go to the page. If you are using a different computer you will need to login to see your customized home page.
6.        Why do I have to login to My Account and Web Mail when I am already on my customized page? HTC elected for “double sign-in” to protect customers’ My Account and your Web Mail access in homes where multiple people use the same computer.
7.        How do I customize my home page? Click on the Customize Your Home Page button in the Login Section. Here you can select from a list of Suggested RSS Feeds, or you can add an RSS Feed that is not on the list (directions provided on the page), change the way the news modules display, add zip codes to weather, and move some modules around on the page.
8.        What is an RSS Feed? Really Simple Syndication (RSS) Feeds are publications of frequently updated content such as blog entries, news headlines, and pod casts.
9.        How do I add a news feed from the Suggested RSS Feeds list? Simply click on the desired RSS Feed title and the feed will load on the right side of the page so you can preview the way the feed will appear on your page. If you are satisfied with this feed, position your cursor in the colored title area until you see the cross marks and then click and drag to an area below the list. Now your feed will be on your Home Page.
10.     Can I add more than one News Feed at a time? In order to ensure you are getting the feed you want, only one preview can load at a time. You must move the desired feeds to the area below the list before selecting another or the initial feed will not be loaded to your home page.
11.     How do I add a news feed that is not on the list? There are detailed instructions on how to add an RSS Feed that is not in the Suggested RSS Feeds list.
12.     My friend added a News feed but I do not see it on the list, how do I get the same feed? Feeds that are not on the Suggested RSS Feeds list must be approved prior to being added to the list. If your friend’s News feed has not yet been approved you will need to Add a News Feed, following the detailed instructions on that page.
13.     What else can I do with the News modules (the section for each feed)? You can Edit each module and change the title, select the number of headlines that show, what these headlines display (headlines only, headlines and summary, and a few other options available to certain modules), and you can also choose the color you would like the label). Be sure to click Save Preferences once you’ve customized each module!
14.     Sometimes when I am moving modules around they will not “stick” where I put them, why? Be sure to click the spot where you want to locate the module. If there is not enough room it will return to the previous spot.
15.     How many zip codes can I add to the Weather module? We’ve added as many as twenty and the system can add more. However, keep in mind with each zip code you add it pushes down the module below your weather module.
16.     I finally got my page the way I want it but it did not look that way the next time I logged in, were there other steps to “SAVE” my page? Yes, after you get your page  the way you want it for now, simply click Save Page Layout.
17.     When I click on “view site” on some of my feeds, I get a message box asking if I want to Save the file (index.rss). I don’t want to Save, I just want to view the site. How do I fix this situation? This is not an uncommon situation with RSS feeds in general. The feed is created by the publication site and HTC has no control over correcting the situation. A good work-around is to go to an article on the page and then you will be at the publication site. Another possible solution is to delete this RSS feed and then Customize it onto your home page again, as the publisher may have updated and thus corrected the situation.
18.     When I am Customizing my page and have added an RSS feed from the list, the buttons with page numbers disappear. How do I go to the next page without exiting the Customizing my page area?  After dragging the new RSS feed/module onto your page, simply click on the Add an RSS Feed option at the top of the list. This should refresh this section of the page and display the page buttons for the next use. Repeat as needed!
19.     What should I personalize? There are already breaking news stories on the home page, but you might prefer to see news headlines from another source. Spend some time looking at the Suggested RSS Feeds and add some other news feeds. You can also delete any of the existing news feeds while customizing your home page simply by clicking on the delete button in the news module. Be sure to Save Page Layout each time you make changes.
20.     How can I move certain sections to be above others? Anytime you are on logged in to your home page you can position the mouse in the top portion of a “module” and when the crossbar appears drag the module to another location on the page. Only a few modules are permanently fixed.
21.     What if I don’t want a module on the page? When you are logged in to your home page you will see in the upper right corner of each “module” the word edit and next to it an “x”. By clicking on the “x” you can delete a module from you page. Be sure to Save Page Layout each time you make changes.
22.     How can I change the colors on my page? Each “module” or section can have one of three colors. This will allow you to categorize types of information by color or simply add a bit more color to your page. When you are logged in to your home page you will see in the upper right corner of each “module” the word edit and next to it an “x”. By clicking on the word edit you can change the color of the label, the number of headlines and how they will appear.
23.    What if I forget my password? 

        If you are unable to remember your password when logging in, click on the Help tab in the login box. Then enter the email address used when you registered to customize your account on You will be sent an email with the username and password.


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