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Q: What is the DMCA?
A: Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 protects copyrighted material from piracy and illegal digital content distribution. The DMCA clarifies the U.S. copyright law, protects computer programs as literary works, and makes it a crime to circumvent technological copyright protection measures (both software-based and hardware-based) on any copyrighted work, be they video games, DVDs, CDs, digital videos, e-books or computer programs. Internet Service Providers like HTC are protected because the DMCA holds the internet user responsible for illegal activities.

Q: Will the DMCA affect me?
A: The DMCA will not affect you unless you, or someone with access to your internet connection, illegally downloads or shares copyrighted material. This includes unprotected Wi-Fi connections, so even if you do not know someone is using your internet connection to perform these criminal acts you could be held accountable. It is critical to password protect your internet connection Wi-Fi access with strong passwords to prevent unauthorized use. You will be responsible for any and all activities on your internet connection.

Q: How can I uphold the DMCA?
A: Be sure you do not engage in any illegal internet digital distribution or activities such as downloading pirated videos, music, e-books, games, or other computer programs. Password protect your Wi-Fi connection. Change your password if you believe your internet connection has been compromised. Contact HTC Customer Support Team if you need assistance with password protection.

Q: How would I know if there have been violations of the DMCA from my internet connection?
A: When you attempt to log onto the internet you will be presented with an HTC web page informing you that your account has been identified as possibly violating the DMCA. You will not be able to access the internet until you acknowledge you’ve read this page. If you receive more than two of these you may permanently lose internet connection and be prosecuted under the DMCA law.

Q: What does the web site look like?
A: Here is an image of the web page notice:

Q: What do I need to do if I receive this web page notice?
A: You need to acknowledge that you have read the notice. And, you may want contact HTC Customer Support Team at 843-369-7833 to be provided step-by-step guidance to protect yourself. At a minimum you need to strengthen and change your Wi-Fi password. Once you’ve changed the password you will have an opportunity to discuss the message with those authorized to use your Wi-Fi as they will be blocked until they can give the new password.

Q: What happens next?
A: Hopefully nothing as all criminal activity should cease after the message. However, if a second reported activity is received by HTC you will be directed to another page when attempting to connect to the internet and your access may be suspended. You will need to contact HTC Customer Support Team who will assist with stopping criminal activity and help you reconnect to the internet. Here is an image of the second web page notice:

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